Our Services



At Argus, we begin new projects with an analytical review of past event financial statements, design work, run of shows, final reports, and listen as the client shares their vision, challenges and expectations. From this initial session we create a strategy that will result in a positive guest experience and thoughtful connection to the client brand. We compile strategic objectives and deliver tools such as timelines, budgets, draft Run of Shows and design decks to give the project a roadmap to success. Through scheduled calls and client office meetings we project manage our events on schedule, under budget, and in compliance with the original objectives set forth.



Our design team crafts an “atmosphere” for the event, ultimately folding this look into sponsorship packages, save the dates, invitations, registration sites, program books, podium wraps and event slides for a consistency in style that complements your brand. Schematics are presented for a review of the proposed decor, tablescaping, props, registration entrance, staging, and any WOW moments. Our team fabricates original designs such as custom branded green hedges, “living” table ladies, piñata backdrops, and anything we dream up. Our in-house inventory of modular pieces is used to create unique stages and backdrops – all within budget.


Our design team creates a story for your event with visuals, music and tastes that we synchronize through our event production. Audio visual, lighting and entertainment backline is managed by our technical team while our event producer serves as our conductor to our symphony. Run of Shows, event slides, stage participants, entertainers, speakers, are all managed by our team.